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From: Alex
Subject: Fathers Love Series - Chapter 3A Father's LoveChapter 3By AlexThe movie had finished an hour ago and David still had his hand on Tyler's
shoulder. As David drifted in and out of consciousness he couldn't help
but notice that Tyler had a pretty nice chest for a 13 year old. His hand
drifted across his back under his arm to his smooth chest and abs. It was
nearly midnight now and David was falling asleep. He finally broke down
and moved to stand up. He picked Tyler up and held him close to his chest
as he carried him up the stairs. Tyler woke up on the way but didn't move,
he didn't remember anybody ever really carrying him before and he liked
being in his dad's arms like that. David walked into the lolita xxx porn little
bedroom and sat
Tyler up on the edge of his bed.Gently rousing him from his sleep he told him he had to go brush his teeth
and get changed for bed. Tyler got up and went into the bathroom naked extremely young lolitas while
David turned down his bed. Tyler came out in nothing but a pair of dark
green boxers. Tyler's eyes were still trying youngest little lolita sluts
to adjust from the bright
lights of the bathroom but David could see just fine. He watched as Tyler
cautiously stepped toward the bed. The moonlight on his skin made underage lolitas teen porn him
appear even more angelic than before. David quickly stood african lolita angel nude up to hide his
fast growing erection. Tyler wrapped his arms around his father's waist
and pressed his cheek into his shirt. David put his hands on Tyler's back
and rubbed his shoulders while he crawled into bed. When he was in bed
David said good night, left the room and turned off all the lights in the
house, armed the alarm and went to his bedroom. Once in his door he took
of his shirt, gave his chest a relaxing rub and lowered his shorts. As he
did his hardon bounced up and a string of precum stretched from his arm to
the head of his cock. He stepped out of his clothes and collapsed onto his
bed. He lay there naked in the moonlight thinking of how his own son
looked just moments before. His hand rubbed his chest and inched down to
his abs. Following his fine treasure trail he felt the base of his 8 and a
half-inch dick surrounded in hair. He closed his eyes and wrapped his hand
around it and absentmindedly started stroking. He tried hard not to think
of Tyler but it was impossible. After only 5 or 6 minutes he felt his
balls tighten up, the image of his son's perfect little butt came into his
mind and the thought of touching it pushed him over the edge. The first
shot landed just below his chin. The following loads covered his chest and
abs as his breathing heaved. He touched his chest and coated his fingers
in his cum and one by one sucked them into his mouth. He released his
hardon and walked to his bathroom. Grabbing a washcloth he wiped off the
jizz and noticed that it was a lot larger than his most recent jerk off
loads.Walking back to bed with his hardon still leading the lolitas pics galleries thumbs way he got under the
sheets. He quickly fell asleep, but it was a restless night as dreams of
his son occupied his mind.He woke to the sound of the security alarm being disabled by Chip entering
the garage. He rolled onto his back and smiled at his morning wood tent
under the sheet. He gave it a quick squeeze and looked at his clock. 6am
he thought- right on time. David got up to go to the bathroom just as Chip
opened the bedroom door. Seeing David naked was nothing new, but seeing
him hard was. Chip's mouth dropped open a little bit as he saw his boss's
massive cock bouncing its way across the room. He couldn't help but notice
this morning how big his boss was."How was your date last night?" David asked sleepily"Huh? Oh- It was great! He's really nice but had an early morning so we
had to call it an evening after dinner""Well that's too bad. What's he like if you don't mind me asking?""Not at all, he's a medical student at UCSD- very smart guy. Really funny
and sweet.""Gonna go and marry a doctor are ya?" David said with a laugh."Something like that" Chip laughed back.David walked into the bathroom and as he climbed into the shower asked if
Tyler was awake yet. Chip had to go to the door in order to hear him over
the running water. He free young lolitas gallery could see him in the mirror washing his armpits and
soaping his chest."Yea- um- he was just walking out of his room when I came up the stairs,
said he was going to sit out by the pool for a little while before
breakfast. Guess he's still on central time."Chip watched as David's hand moved down to this crotch. He gave his own
dick a squeeze as he watched his boss stroking his raging hardon right in
front of him in the mirror. He knew lolita video galleries sexy
he had to leave or he would be caught
so he african lolita angel nude said he was going to go check on Tyler. He turned around and as he
was leaving, noticed a wet spot on the sheets where David was sleeping. He
walked over to it and touched it and could tell immediately that it was
either cum or precum. He licked his finger and quickly left the room with
the sweet flavor on his tongue."Gonna get yourself fired if you keep doing that" he thought to himself as
he walked down the stairs. For a long time he had a crush on his boss.
How could he not? Chip was 6 years younger than David. They worked out
together regularly in the basement since he was hired 7 years ago so
despite their height difference their bodies were pretty pure lolita tiny angel
well matched.
Chip was 5'11" and 170 pounds. His short blond hair looks like it came
right off a marine. Walking around the corner into the living room he
could see Tyler standing outside looking out over the water. The white
t-shirt fit closely around his waist and his dark shorts cupped around his
butt enough that Chip couldn't help but notice. The wind was blowing
through his hair as it rushed up off the cliff. "Did you get a good night
sleep last night?"Tyler's eyes didn't divert from the water and with a timid tone he replied,
"Not really, I kept waking up.""It'll get better- when I first moved out here from Nebraska I couldn't
sleep for the life of me. I don't know if it's the sound of the waves or
the smell of the salt but I just couldn't rest.""It's not that- the bed just feels different than my old bed I mean it's
really comfortable but just different and the house makes different noises-
- - and I miss my mom."Chip put his arm around him as Tyler wiped his eye. "Do you want to talk
about anything?" Chip asked."It's just that my mom would have to wake me up every morning and now when
I wake up witho-" Tyler's throat closed for a moment "I-", Tyler choked and
tried to hold back his tears, "just really miss hearing her."Chip gave his shoulder a squeeze as Tyler leaned into Chip's side. He
could feel a tremble in the boy's chest and even though he had just met him
yesterday it broke his heart. They both stared out over the water as the
sun coming up behind them began bringing color to the sky. A gust of wind
came up off the water and gave Chip a chill causing him to shiver. "Aren't
you cold out here?""Are you kidding- this is warm in Minnesota," Tyler said, "when you grow up
having to shovel the driveway 8 months out of the year your idea of cold is
different.""I guess so- I'm freezing!" Tyler didn't react and Chip really didn't know
what to say. He couldn't comprehend what Tyler was thinking about right
now. He'd never lost anyone close to him, even his grandparents were
alive. Another chilly gust blew up the cliff face and Chip squeezed
Tyler's shoulders in another sideways hug, turned them both around and
started walking back into the house. "Come on- let's see if Russell left
us anything for breakfast."David heard his bedroom door close as Chip went downstairs. He was a
little embarrassed about Chip walking in on him like that but it's not like
they had never seen each other naked before. Every time they went to the
gym together they never had a problem stripping down to change or shower in
front of each other. They had actually laughed about it a few days ago
while they were showering off after their workout."It's kinda like peeking at your Christmas presents before they're wrapped
when you go to the gym with someone you're dating." David could remember
Chip saying.David thought about all the times he'd seen some of the hottest guys around
in the shower at the gym and felt nothing, and then Tyler came back into
his mind's eye. Like still frames on a screen he could see Tyler's butt as
he tugged his trunks up on the way to the pool. Then the tuff of hair
under his arm; the way his back stretched as he worked his arms into his
shirt. His hand already working hard on his cock, his other hand roamed
his chest. His nipples were hard and sensitive as he gave one a little
pinch. He could see himself in the mirror through the glass door of the
shower as he stroked. The soap running down his hairy legs as the water
gently ran over his back, carrying the suds over his ass crack. He slid
his hand down his chest and rubbed down to his thigh. Looking in the
mirror he remembered back to how he looked naked when he was just a kid and
imagined that's what Tyler must look like about now. Tyler's muscles were
developing faster than his were at that time though. All the physical work
that Tyler did for his mom was quite evident. His hand came up to his
balls, which were pulled tight to his body; he was getting very close.
Again the image of Tyler's mounds came into view. He thought about the way
they would feel in his hands or against his lips. David squeezed his balls
a little and with a deep breath felt his knees go weak with the first
blast. He opened his eyes just in time to see it hit the glass. Then the
second and third ran down the foggy door.David put his head under the spray and leaned against the wall. "What am I
doing?" he said out loud "He's my kid!" He shook his head to rinse out the
shampoo and turned off the water. The room was filled with steam so he
walked out into his bedroom to dry off. He looked out his window and could
see a few runners on the beach already. Looking down a little further he
saw Chip and Tyler leaning against the railing. He walked over to his
closet and grabbed a pair of shorts and a sweatshirt. By the time he pulled
them on he got back to the window just in time to see them walking inside."Hey David- what do you want for breakfast?" Chip shouted up the
stairs. "We're thinking IHOP.""IHOP?" Tyler asked"Correction- I'M thinking IHOP", Chip natasha 12 virgin lolitas said sarcastically correcting
himself. "You don't have IHOP in Minnesota?" Chip asked in disbelief"We didn't have much of anything in Rapids other than Country Kitchen and
Perkins.""Combine them and that's pretty much it. It's the place to go for
breakfast no matter what time it is." Chip chirpedDavid opened the door and bounded down the stairs looking at Tyler with a
smile."Ready for breakfast?" Chip asked, "Russell didn't leave us anything.""Yea- let me get some shoes. Hey Tyler- you ready to see San Diego?"Tyler was definitely ready to see it. He walked down the hallway with Chip
to the garage. As the door opened he was awe-struck at the sight before
him, the lights flickered on and the room glowed like a showroom."Which one will it be buddy? It's your choice." David said resting his
hand on his son's shoulder. "Buddy?" David thought to himself- no- that
was definitely didn't sound fitting.His dad had 4 cars and they all looked so amazing. Tyler pointed to a
black Audi A-8L sedan, the same one they road in yesterday.Chip opened up the door for Tyler and David and proceeded to climb in the
front. The car purred to life and the door opened as father and son
settled into the back seat. Tyler looked around and was certain that he'd
never even seen a car this nice, and had definitely never ridden in one.
He put his seatbelt on and looking over to David, promptly unbuckled and
scooted over to center seat and fastened that belt. Tyler didn't say
anything and David didn't ask but already it seemed like that distance was
more than either of them wanted right now.**As always guys, I'd love to hear your thoughts! 68620to43203gmail.com**
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